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Camp P.R.O.W.L.

Camp P.R.O.W.L. Schedule


During P.R.O.W.L: While at camp students stay in cabins with air conditioning, showers, and restrooms. Our camp itinerary is highly structured with scheduled free time throughout the experience.

Once you arrive at Camp P.R.O.W.L , you will be placed in a small group with a Pack leader who is a current CSU student that will bond with you and fellow classmates as you engage in challenging activities.

Day One

  • Personal Assessments- Myers-Briggs, DISC
  • Team Building & Bonding
  • Faculty & Staff Connection
  • Campus Traditions

Day Two

  • Team Assessment & Development
  • Challenging Ropes Course
  • Real World Problem Solving
  • Go-Green Competitions

Day Three

  • Academic Challenges
  • Individual Campus Identity
  • Personal Reflection
  • Goal Setting

Day Four

  • Transition & Application to Campus